I'm Lidor Batino, a UX / UI Designer and Web designer from Israel.
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A mobile app that helps readers overcome the difficulty of finding second-hand books and connects readers with a large community.

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A social media app that unifies all Latin dancers in Israel and supports finding dancing partners, instructors, dance studios and events.

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How Waze can save us so much time

A UI/UX solution to the "one stop limit" problem on Waze.
Medium article.

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Website design

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Hey, I'm Lidor Batino

I've always been attracted to the world of design.
How to set up a good interface by creating visual and functionality together?
The feeling of getting users to fall in love with my product because of a good user experience motivated me to become a part of the UX world.
What started as a mere fascination, evolved into an ongoing journey.
After a few years in graphic design, I expanded my horizons and joined a UX/UI course by Sagi Shreiber in Studio 6b, completing my studies in 2020. 
As a designer, I am driven by values of excellence and accuracy, and incorporate these ethics into every project I am involved with.