case study


A social media app that unifies all Latin dancers in Israel and supports finding dancing partners, instructors, dance studios and events.

The Problem

Latin dancing has become very popular in Israel over the last few years.

There are many clubs that teach different types of Latin dancing in all of Israel.

Even though the number of dancers appear to be rising, most dancers are having trouble finding partners to dance with, in order to go to lessons with and improve their dancing skills, in and out of the dance clubs.

Which brings up another problem - The lack of a single platform that unifies all Latin dancers in Israel and supports finding dancing partners, instructors or dance studios and events.

I have conducted a survey among dancers from the “Latin scene” that indicated the main issues:


Difficulty finding someone who suits me

It is hard to find someone with good energy and chemistry, who leads or is being led in a precise way while dancing and maintains good friendly communication.
Also, someone who is giving and receiving the right feedbacks, feeling comfortable with and lives close geographically.


The lack of personal bonds outside the club

When dancers don’t  go to clubs regularly- They don’t know enough people, therefore, they don’t have contact with other dancers outside of the club.
Also, they lack personal bonds with other dancers from the “Scene”.


Fear of refusal

Many dancers are afraid of rejections. They are afraid that when they ask someone to dance with them they will get refused.
They do not know how to approach and gain confidence.

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There is difficulty to find booksellers that live nearby
Most of the time buyers can't find sellers that live nearby, therefor when the buyer finally finds the book he was looking for, he gives up on it because usually, the sellers won't make deliveries to his area.
Expensive shipping cost
buyers reflected that sometimes, when a delivery is considered, it might be as expensive as buying a new book and that just beats the whole idea of second-hand book reading.
Slim variety of second-hand books
The variety of second-hand books is usually less versatile than new books and special editions are rare and harder to find. Also, finding an entire book series will probably be an adventure of navigating between sites that will double the length of the search, then the frustration will cause the buyer to give up and buy a new and expensive book in the store.
The solution

A single platform that acts as a social network for all Latin dancers in israel.

The app will give dancers the chance to connect with other dancers / instructors and get in touch with clubs regarding Latin dancing.

The app will include videos of online lessons, articles containing tips for dancers and performances of professional dancers.

Target audience
the app is a social platform for people of all ages. Easy to use and suited to adults that like classic literature and old books.
It is also suited to those who cannot afford to buy new books.
The goal
a platform that will contain all the information buyers needs in order to buy the desired book, read and review the sellers and books.
Readers can connect with other readers with matching taste and get references for more reading material.
The added value
Save time and effort in finding second-hand books to read, even enjoying the control we have over the process of finding the book along the way.
User flow

The process of building the app took creative thinking especially with the fact such a platform that unifies all dancers doesn’t exist yet.

The biggest inspiration was Facebook that is known to be the largest social network in 2020.

I took some features that I liked, Implemented them in the app with many modifications so it would suit the Latin dance “Scene”.

The design

Red color to illustrate the sensation couple dancing are related to.

Photos of dancers indicates that the app is meant for dancers since the very first use of the app.

The logo speaks spanish and the font was taken by the inspiration provided by Salsa/Bachata clubs along with the illustrations of a couple dancing in a known pose of Latin dancing.


In the onboarding process of the app, the user is required to fill in their personal details and log in with Facebook - that is the fastest and the most efficient way.

Connection through Facebook allows the user to sync their friends list and immediately connect with other users that are already in the app and be able to make new connections with new users.

The details-filling step while logging in is mandatory so the initial entrance to the app will be smoother and easier.

Improving dancing skills

Articles containing tips from skilled dancers and instructors will help improve style and may help overcome fear and insecurity that usually strikes new dancers.

Uniting dancing clubs and studios

Listing a searchable database of clubs and studios around the country so the user can log into the app and filter by range/city/location of the club, dancing style, level and average age of the dancers.

Getting in touch with clubs - a way to correspond or talk to a member of the staff for additional questions.

The added filters makes the search for the right club that much easier and provides the basic information about the nature of the club.


Finding an instructor with the ability to filter the instructor database by level, price, age, height, styles, experience and more.

Social community

Writing posts, uploading pictures & videos, likes, comments and connecting with people with the initial common ground of dancing.

Someone to dance with

Searching for partners for couple dancing in clubs or elsewhere, only people who match my criteria will be able to see the request and reply with a personal message.

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The rich text element allows you to create and format headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, images, and video all in one place instead of having to add and format them individually. Just double-click and easily create content.